The final version was "hammed" out?
So.. Sarah Mirk is apparently the champion of local skaters whose refusal to even abide by the most basic of safety protocols in helmets shows all the intelligence of a 12 year old I'll-never-be-a-victim-of-your-conformity type while continuing to engage in activities that simple physics and probability says will end badly for someone sooner then later.. since nearly every word about skateboarding in the Merc I have read has been by her.

Between this, the trying-WAAAY-too-fucking-hard-to-be-down-with-Oregon-just-give-it-up-you-will-ALWAYS-be-a-transplant "Oregon History Comics", and her ABYSMAL coverage of San Diego comic con last year.. fucking seriously? You go to the biggest gathering of creators, fans, and consumers of genre entertainment in the WORLD and you focus on Portland writers who you could have done without having to leave your Wi-Fi routers radius of coverage? And an article on gentrification she wrote a while back where she called old timers people who moved in as far back as 2005. WOW! That's like, an ice age ago in cool journalist years. I must be like.. a god or something, since my having moved to Alberta 15 years ago would put me as having existed before the dawn of time in her relative timespace.

I could go on, but I don't want to spoil the rest of the chapbook. It's called "Sarah Mirk: A Retrospective Of Hating The Most Infuriating Local Journalist I Have Ever Read" starting with her couple weeks taking over for Hall Monitor years back and culminating in her skate coverage. It will be available for on demand printing at Powells in a matter of days.
Mediocre, your comment above has absolutely nothing to do with the actual story and content of the article.
Fucking troll.

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