Mayor Sam Adams hates plastic bags. Last October, Adams finally got the Portland City Council to vote plastic bags out of grocery stores and general merchandise stores by approving a citywide plastic bag ban—the result of a four-year-long push. Now, Adams is rallying to take the ban a step further.

At a city council meeting next week, Adams will ask the council to extend the ban to all retail outlets and food providers with locations larger than 10,000 square feet. He announced his intentions earlier this week.

"Unnecessary plastic checkout bags continue to litter Portland’s neighborhoods and natural areas, and create problems in local recycling facilities," Adams wrote on his blog.

Adams based his efforts on a recent one-year report by the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability that showed a 300 percent hike in reusable bag use in the Portland area. If passed, this proposal would go into effect by October 1, 2013 at the latest.

Adam's proposal mentions nothing about a controversial five-cent charge for paper checkout bags, an idea brought up last month at city hall—and promptly panned by two of his fellow commissioners who wanted to keep the focus on plastic. No word (yet) on the disputable nature of this new proposal.