Portland is synonymous with coffee, right? So what better way to spend a drizzly weekday than capturing Portland’s style by camping out at a few coffee shops around town? 

I started at the most popular one of all, Stumptown on Division, which, for those who don’t know, was the company’s first location back in ’99. The space is cozy and lends itself well to commuters stopping in on their way to work.

Then it was on to a relative newbie on the scene, Never Coffee, whose rainbow vibe I couldn’t possibly love more. Their hand-painted wall is the coolest, so I made an employee pose in front of it.

Lastly, I spent my late afternoon at Cosube—a “Coffee, Surf, Beer” joint I decided to check out for happy hour, and where a couple of cuties rolled in for either coffee or wine. This place is neat, and as you can plainly see in my first pic from Cosube, it’s def part of the “new Portland” scene.