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News Nov 15 4:00 AM

The ACLU Just Filed the First of Several Lawsuits Over Recent Police Protest Tactics

It Hopes to Stop Cops from Using a Controversial “Kettle” Maneuver

News Feb 17 5:00 PM

Gas Fumes Were Ignored for Years at a Portland School for Troubled Kids

Now the Reynolds School District Is Acknowledging Issues

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News Feb 10 4:00 PM

Two Portland Glass Companies Lack Pollution Controls on Their Chimneys

Now They're Being Blamed for High Cadmium Levels in the Air and Neighborhoods

News Feb 3 4:00 PM

Right 2 Dream Too Is Poised to Move to Southeast

But Will Business Opposition Kill the Deal Again?

News Feb 3 4:00 PM

Charlie Hales Has a New Plan to Curb Demolitions

He Wants to Make It More Laborious for Builders to Raze Old Homes

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News Jan 27 6:00 PM

The Joyce Hotel Is Closing

And Around 90 Low-Income, High-Risk Tenants Will Be Sent Packing

News Jan 27 6:00 PM

Portland's Other Mayoral Candidates Have Something to Say

But They're Having Trouble Getting Civic Organizations to Listen

News Jan 20 9:00 PM

Could a Rent Strike Work in Portland?

People Are Talking About It More and More

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News Jan 20 9:00 PM

Oregon's Diesel Users Might Pay to Fix Portland's Streets

At Least, That's the Latest Idea From Commissioner Steve Novick

News Jan 13 10:00 PM

As Tenants Plead, Lawmakers Are Pledging Housing Help This Year

Here's a Rundown of What You Can Expect

News Dec 30 7:00 AM

2015 Was Important—and Messy

The Mercury's Definitive Rundown of the Year That Was

News Dec 23 7:00 AM

The City Says It's Divesting from Fossil Fuels. That's Not True.

In Fact, We Don't Plan to Stop Supporting Oil Companies Any Time Soon.

News Dec 16 4:00 PM

Think Portland's Homelessness Problem Is Bad?

Talk to the Mayors of Other West Coast Cities.

News Dec 16 4:00 PM

A New Hope for Affordable Housing

Will Oregon Lift the Ban on Inclusionary Zoning in 2016?

News Dec 9 5:00 PM

A Portland University Wants Federal Permission to Ban Transgender Students

And Recent History Suggests It'll Probably Get It

News Dec 2 5:00 PM

Say Goodbye to Two Pieces of Portland History

The City's "Demolition Epidemic" May Soon Claim Two Century-Old Downtown Buildings

News Dec 2 5:00 PM

Some of Portland's Lowest-Paid Workers Want a Raise

And They Say Mayor Charlie Hales Promised Them One

News Nov 25 4:20 PM

The Group That's Supposed to Help Portland Reform Its Police Can't Stop Infighting

Now One Cop Is Trying to Get Three Members Kicked Out

News Nov 18 4:00 AM

The World’s Most Sustainable High-Rise Construction Material Is… Wood?

A Portland Team Is Pioneering Its Addition to US Skylines

News Nov 11 1:00 AM

Can Crowd Funding Save a 105-Year-Old Home?

A Portland Renter's Quest to Save Her Home from the Wrecking Ball

News Nov 4 4:20 PM

OLCC's Rob Patridge Faces Allegations of Unlawful Employment Practices

The Accusations Stem from His Other Role as Klamath County District Attorney

News Oct 28 10:00 AM

The City Promises More Affordable Housing Funds. Will It Follow Through?

Portland's Got a Spotty History Living Up to Similar Commitments

News Oct 28 10:00 AM

A Firm That Helped Screw Up the Morrison Bridge Is Being Trusted to Fix It

And This Time, There's More Money on the Line

News Oct 21 4:20 PM

Oregon's Been Celebrating Pot Sales That May Well Be Fiction

No One Will Know How Hot the Cannabis Market Is for Months

News Oct 21 4:20 PM

Portland's Finally Deciding on Whether to Clamp Down on Oil Train Transport

And Guess What! Environmentalists and Businesses Have Very Different Thoughts on That

News Oct 14 4:20 PM

The Hidden Costs of Moving Unexpectedly

Local Math Instructor Crunched the Numbers and Found Moving Is More Expensive Than Many Realize

News Oct 14 4:20 PM

Portland's Newest Organized Tent Camp Fights for Survival

The Mayor's Office Says It's Cool with "Hazelnut Grove." The State's Looking to Crack Down

News Oct 1 4:20 PM

Airbnb Is Making Portland's Rental Market Even Tighter

But Not by as Many Units as You'd Think

News Sep 23 4:20 PM

Portland's Pot Regulations Might Freeze Out New Businesses

The City's About to Give Medical Dispensaries Exactly What They Want

News Sep 23 4:20 PM

Landlords and Advocates Dislike Dan Saltzman's Renter Protections

Though Obviously for Very, Very Different Reasons

News Sep 23 4:20 PM

PDX Workers Are Trying to Unionize for Better Pay

The Country's Best Airport Pays Many of Its Workers the State's Lowest Wage

News Sep 16 4:20 PM

Emergency Response

As Advocates Push Displacement Fixes, Local Leaders Are Awful Quiet

News Sep 9 4:20 PM

The Common Good

A Faith-Based Group Has a Big Voice on Affordable Housing

News Sep 9 4:20 PM

Share and Share a Bike

Apparently Bike Share's Finally Coming to Portland?

News Sep 2 4:20 PM

Ticketless to Ride

TriMet's About to Go Digital. What's That Mean for Its Poorest Users?

News Sep 2 4:20 PM

Blocking Out the Sun

The State's Second-Largest Energy Provider Is at War with Solar Power

News Aug 26 4:20 PM

North Portland Rising

A Fight to Save a 115-Year-Old Home from Demolition Appears Doomed

News Aug 26 4:20 PM

Sudden Safekeeping

The City's Finally Giving Homeless People a Place to Put Their Things

News Aug 19 4:20 PM

Uncertain Terms

City Doesn't Have the Records You Want? Ask Them to Look Again

News Aug 19 4:20 PM

Taking the Dam Blame

Conservationists Say Birds Are a Red Herring in Salmon Deaths

News Aug 12 4:20 PM

A Preemptive Strike

State Laws Are Stymieing Local Efforts to Fund Affordable Housing

News Aug 5 4:20 PM

Park Bloc

A City Ranger's Private Security Firm Is Being Paid to Patrol a Park

News Aug 5 4:20 PM

Spare the Rod, Spoil the File

A New Police Misconduct Report Calls Transparency into Question

News Jul 29 4:20 PM

A Leak in the Bottle

Tribes' Treaty Rights May Dam the Flow to Nestlé