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Outdoors Oct 12 2:01 PM

The Portland Mercury's 2023 Corn Maze Reviews

Five Portland-area corn mazes, ranked by the philosophical depth of their rustling stalks.

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Summer Fun May 23 4:00 AM

It’s Time to Learn Some Nude Beach Etiquette!

How to Not Be a Jerk and/or a Creep at Sauvie Island

Kathleen Marie May 23 4:00 AM

Here Are Forest Park’s Must-Hike Trails

There’s No Better Time to Enjoy Forest Park

Elinor Jones May 23 4:00 AM

Splash Pads: A Gift to Portland Parents (and Kids, I Guess)

Discover the Joys of Dirty Park Water!

Feature Apr 11 4:00 AM

The Unlikely Hiker

Jenny Bruso is Making Space for Those Who Feel Shut Out of the Outdoors

Oregon Field Guide’s True Stories of Science and Adventure

In the Field with the TV Show That’s Saving Oregon

Feature May 13 4:20 PM

How to Hike... by Bus

You Don't Need a Car to Get to Portland's Trails