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Timbers Nov 6 7:32 PM

With Phil Neville, Timbers Make Controversial Pick for New Manager

The choice of Neville as the Timbers’ newest head coach is another finger in the eye for fans.

Opinion Sep 1 10:59 AM

The Problem with Proving, Again and Again, That Portland and Seattle Are Not Dying

Debates continue while the real causes of the homeless crisis are never addressed.

Opinion Jul 17 9:20 AM

City Council Is Trying to Sabotage Charter Reform—Which Is Exactly Why We Need Charter Reform

The Council's latest attempt to sow distrust in the voter-approved charter reform process reveals who they're really working for. (Hint: It's not you.)

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Opinion Mar 15 10:35 AM

Guest Editorial: Oregon Is at a Crossroads for Trans Rights

Why it's important to be an active, vocal supporter of trans rights and gender-affirming care in Oregon.

Opinion Oct 28 10:16 AM

Actually, Candy Corn Is Awesome

If you believe otherwise, fuck you.

Opinion Aug 4 2:46 PM

Hall Monitor: Soft on Crime

What happens when a police accountability group inherently trusts law enforcement?

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Cops Sep 13 9:38 AM

Hall Monitor: Risk-Averse

Portland Police—and Politicians—Have Given Protesters Little Reason to Feel Safe

Opinion Feb 18 3:15 PM

Hall Monitor: "Here to help"

What works—and what's lacking—in Portland's emergency response system.