How's that saying go? Comedy = Tragedy + Distance, I think it is. Comedians Andrew Andrist and Kristine Levine know comedy—and they also know their share of pain. Tonight, they'll be exploring some of it during a show at Tonic Lounge at 9:30 pm. They'll be taping for a documentary about comedians who were molested.

I know, I know. Heavy shit. But these two are talented as hell. I can't watch five minutes of Levine onstage without crying from laughter, even as she's talking about some of the most horrendous shit. Less-talented comedians use stand-up as their therapy. The really good ones turn it into therapy for the rest of us.

So, a note of caution that they won't be skirting around the heavy stuff. But if that works for you, get to Tonic tonight at 9:30.