When you're right you're right. It's time to solve immigration. America needs to annex Mexico as the 52nd US territory. Definitely take Mexico before Canada. When you break down their potential positives Mexico comes out with a strong edge: sandy beaches, chihuahuas, margaritas, cheap cocaine, flan vs. beaver pelts, frozen tundra, angry bears, over priced crappy beer, hockey, crappy weed, poutine, and flannel hats. No brainer. Canada isn't going anywhere anyway, we just have to get it before Russia does.
wow barb, you seem to have a lot of hate and resentment about your grandma, did she hit you when you were younger?
Socialism exists on an economic spectrum, while democracy exists on a political spectrum. And while they often have quite a bit of overlap in ideology, they are not mutually exclusive like you make it sound.
Socialism exists on a political spectrum when it comes from the mouths of racist-ass South Texas shitheads. It means "anyone that isn't a racist-ass South Texas shithead".
All over the map? I don't get it.
good one, barb - but when idiots like this or โ€œjoe the plumberโ€ mouth off to the media, it's like gun, fish, barrel, BANG!, to point out all the stupid.
Yep, racism is the only thing keeping the immigration debate alive. People who do not want to import low skilled labor are all a bunch of racists. That is the only explanation for not getting on-board the 'immigration is great' train.

Great article, Barbara.

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