THINK YOU KNOW all there is to know about the multi-talented Maya Rudolph, performing this week with her Prince cover band, Princess? You probably don't. We've put together a handy timeline covering Rudolph's many, many facets. There will be a test.

• Maya Rudolph's path to greatness gets off to an early start thanks to her mom, singer Minnie Riperton, who name checks her daughter in her 1975 #1 single "Lovin' You."

• Rudolph dips her toes into the acting world through small theater productions around LA. While in college, she joins her first band: the unfortunately named Super Sauce.

• As most budding West Coast comic talents do, she joins the cast of famed improv and comedy school the Groundlings. And just to prove she can do it all, she tours with the Rentals, a glammy pop group started by ex-Weezer bassist Matt Sharp whose semi-hit "Friends of P" is a staple of bargain-bin alt-rock CD comps.

• In 2000, without so much as an audition, she is cast on Saturday Night Live. She quickly becomes a key part of the show's renaissance, thanks to sharp-witted impressions of Donatella Versace, Whitney Houston, and Oprah Winfrey.

• A year after moving to New York, she starts dating filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson. The two now have four children, including one born just last year.

• After leaving SNL, Rudolph stakes her claim in the film world with two high-profile gigs: gamely suffering through the man-boy bullshit of Grown Ups, and exuding charm and sweetness even as she unloads her bowels on a street in Bridesmaids.

• Back in LA, she and Gretchen Lieberum do as all longtime gal pals do at some point in their lives: start a Prince tribute band called (of course) Princess.

• How good is Rudolph? So good she got a variety show on which she held her own in musical battle with cyberfunk goddess Janelle Monáe.

• Up next: a role in Anderson's much-anticipated Thomas Pynchon adaptation Inherent Vice, voice work in the animated film Big Hero 6, and, most likely, global superstardom.