Last week when I posted this column to my Facebook page (yes, I still have one and no, I’m not your Aunt Sylvia who watches Fox News and still sends you multi-colored comic sans email forwards about how not to get raped in a mall parking lot) and someone posted the following in the comments:

“Are you aware that the title of this column is incredibly trans-exclusionary?”

Well, fuck. NO. I wasn’t. Until now. Because you told me.

I mean, now that you’ve told me, I totally see it. Like that optical illusion thing where you think it’s a picture of a young woman and then suddenly it’s an old lady and you can never not see it again.

Now that I see it, I’d like to apologize to any trans women who felt excluded. I’m obviously not well-versed at using trans-inclusive language and I’ll work on that. I know allies should try to be hyper-aware of trans issues, especially now that we’re living under the giant homophobic/transphobic/calls-his-wife-“mother”-yet-has-the-audacity-to-insinuate-that-other-people-are-deviant thumb of Mike Pence. And of course the wee thumb of the President, who just last month rescinded Obama’s directive to allow transgender students to use the bathroom that corresponds to the gender to which they identify. (But according to Sean Spicer, it “wasn’t a reversal!” And water is dry and the Sun revolves around the Earth.)

These are ugly, horrible times when almost every person I know has had to up their anxiety meds, so we should all do everything we can to support those who have been inched legislatively into emotional and physical peril.

Like changing the vaginal-yet-dickish title of this column.

So what should I call it? The idea behind the column was to explore current events and/or pop culture as they related to women’s issues, ideally with some humor. Here are some other possible titles below.

Vote for the one you like below, and if you have better ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments (and no, “Kill Yourself” isn’t a good column title, but thanks in advance for the suggestion).

Soon I’ll have a brand new column name that ideally won’t piss anyone off, or will piss off exactly who I’d like to piss off.