When quarantined roommates get on each others last nerve.
When quarantined roommates get on each others' last nerve. Twitter

PHEW-WEE-WEEEEEEE WOTTA DAY, AMIRITE? What do you say we finish up this crazy, fairly dispiriting day with some fun, positive things designed to make you laugh and/or smile? (See something we should add to tomorrow's post? Tweet us or email here!)

In "Finally... someone else who recognizes The Music Man as the world's greatest musical" news:

In "I had no idea that flamingos were this snuggly" news:

In "I wasn't expecting a roller coaster ride, but here we go" news:

In sports, three cheers for one of Oregon's own!

In "Maybe NOW you'll listen to the doctors' warning" news:

In "Cats ruin everything with their incessant cuteness!" news:


And finally, in "Man... you better stop smelling my head" news: