I guess I don't understand the point of San Diego Comic-Con anymore. It used to be the event where the comic book industry revealed their most exciting plans for the year ahead, but now those announcements are spread around to all the various conventions, especially New York Comic Con and Chicago Comic Con. For a brief time, it was where superhero movies debuted and sought the approval of the true nerd fanbase. But all Marvel and DC did at this SDCC is hold press conferences about how great their upcoming movies are going to be. And why should they announce anything new at SDCC? There's a whole nerd-movie internet out there just waiting to swarm like piranhas around any scrap of a press release issued by these studios every day of the year. Why release new information at SDCC when it just gets swallowed up by everything else at SDCC?

I suppose a lot of people go to SDCC to see exclusive footage from movies that are a year away from being released. A horde of lawyers are now chasing crappy phone-cam recordings of that exclusive footage all around YouTube, but they've certainly gotten the nerd media excited. Maybe that's all this is? An attempt to prime the pump for future nerdy movies? But that hardly seems necessary; as I said above, any number of blogs and media sites are clamoring for any access studios will give them to their intellectual property.

SDCC seems, to me, to be a holdover from the days before mega-corporate domination of nerd properties. Now that Disney owns Marvel, for example, Marvel doesn't need SDCC's megaphone anymore; they've got their own. All SDCC does anymore is offer up a solid four days a year in which the media focuses on nerdy IP almost exclusively, which makes it a popular dumping ground for things like the Mad Max: Fury Road trailer at the top of this post. But nerds already dominate the media. They've won the game. They don't need a convention to praise them anymore when there's a whole media structure there to provide year-round promotional duties. The media hoopla over Comic-Con is just a holdover from the past, from the days before we all became nerds.