(Finally, a decent excuse to use that "conflict of interest" tag.) Hey, guys! Be sure to drop by Bridge City Comics (3725 N. Mississippi Ave) tonight between 6 and 8 pm when our own film editor Erik Henriksen will be signing his new comic The Warriors: Jailbreak (a sequel to the classic cult flick!). That's right! It's an actual comic, unlike my hand-drawn Archie fan fiction that seems to be getting little to no interest from the graphic novel industry. On site along with writer Erik will be artists Todd Herman (Cut and The Fog) and Herb Apon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), so come on down and get their signatures, so you can whip around and sell those comics on eBay for like a billion dollars or something.
In all seriousness, congrats to Erik for his work on this awesome comic, and from all of us here at the Mercury, we're both pumped and proud.
(I will also be on hand with a stack of my mimeographed Archie comics… just in case.)

Even more info about The Warriors: Jailbreak series here!