There's a great recurring ad in Portland Monthly, of a hot blonde woman passed out in a dentist's chair, with the headline "Deeper Sedation Dentistry." Creepy goodness.
Never in strine does one refer to a female as, "mate."
I do it all the time. It's weird even in England. But I do it. I feel it's sexist to restrict it to blokes. Even though I was addressing Patrick, in this instance.
Does nationalized healthcare in England cover dental work? I have to imagine that when you are paid by the procedure like in the US, there is a lot of incentive to do more work than is actually required.
Yep, NHS covers dentistry.

And since I came over here they've been like, "MY GOD, CASH COW." Wisdom teeth removal, "deep cleaning," all this bullshit I never needed.

Insisting I FLOSS, even. Okay, so I needed to floss more. That's true. But the rest is bullshit.
The hottest new sitcom. Coming this fall THE NEWSROOM. Only on FOX!
Can we get a good close-up photo of Matt's teeth. Let's see these, "stereotypically GREAT English teeth"…
When the Tories win next year, we'll all be changing dentists with you.
I'd recommend Dr. Christina Irwin. I've confirmed that she's not the Nixon type. In fact, she knocks some dollars off the bill if you're a Bus Project member, as seen here:
saying "in Britain" about anything american makes you sound like moneypenny in mad men matt.
Yes. I'd like to think I'm more like Guy. The one who got his foot ripped up by the tractor.
I like Green Apple Dental. I needed work done but they definitely made me feel that it was my decision. No pressure. Good staff. It's kinda strange to leave a dentist office feeling relaxed though.
Thanks for the recommendation.
Kaiser Permanente Dental is great. You will never be worked on without fully understanding what you need, why you need it, and how much it will cost. And the great thing about a group practice is that as professionals, we are being watched and monitored by our peers. You don't get much of that in a private practice.
I'm also a Green Apple fan. I love the essential oils hand spa dip. It's relaxing.
oh, and they seem to be good at dentistry too, guess I forgot about that part. too relaxed from the visit I guess. Green Apple Dental in Portland, next to US Bank and Marriott on 2nd ave.

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