Last year about this time, I stumbled into Outside In's free healthcare clinic with a crippling kidney infection. They treated me kindly and quickly and didn't ask anything in return except that I take my meds on time. So this year I dressed up like a sexy mom circa 1976 and attended a six-hour photoshoot to try and raise Outside In some money via our big charity auction. I hope that makes us fair and square because, really, I don't think I could stand the chafing of those high-waisted plaid wool shorts for another day.

The photoshoot began with an inspriational 1970s Sears catalog that Scrappers, our art director, dug up from God-knows-where. That led to a very generous shopping spree at ReRun vintage store, five layers of makeup, extensive hairspraying and an entire Sunday spent in the NW studio of the very talented Tim Gunther.

We may look like foxy professional models in the nine pages of photos that ran in this week's paper but, uh, we're not. Here's the outtakes:

Were supposed to be on a date.
  • We're supposed to be "on a date."

How could someone with so much money look so awkward?
  • How could someone with so much money look so awkward?






Somehow being a sexy smoking cowgirl doesnt work when youre wearing glasses.
  • Somehow being a "sexy smoking cowgirl" doesn't work when you're wearing glasses.

Big thanks to Scrappers, our awesome art director, and his housemate's bowling ball: