Remember the writer's strike a few years ago when all the talk show hosts went on each other's shows because they needed to fill time? Well, summer is kinda like the writer's strike for local theater. So I've agreed to appear on a rival talk show that is probably totally inferior to my talk show (or at least different), The Late Now for the multi-person one-man show Cannibals & Cannonballs. Host Leo Daedalus is going to ask me his totally-inferior-to-mine questions tomorrow night at the CoHo theater while, presumably, his minions go through the address book in my phone to figure out why the booking for Late Night Action W/ Alex Falcone is so much stronger (I've never had to stoop so low as booking ME as a guest).

If a rough talk show host throwdown* is something you're interested in, you can win FREE TICKETS. All you have to do is e-mail with "Coho tickets" in the subject and something rude in the body of the e-mail** and you could win.

More info on the Facebook event.

* Correction: very civil interview
** Completely optional