It's that time again: DIORAMA TIME, the one time of the year you can relive what was arguably (according to me) the best part of elementary school—making a slapdash dollhouse, for education! After two years of hosting its Oregon history-themed diorama competition, the good people of Kick Ass Oregon History show no signs of stopping (THANK GOD), and sent us their call for submissions to this year's competition today:

So here is how we get down: make a diorama depicting a Kick Ass Oregon Historical event. Take some pictures. Email them to us [] by February 10th. We will put the photos of the dioramas on our Facebook page. Then we will announce the winner at our February 14th History Night show at The Merry Time Bar (995 Marine Drive, Astoria). Bask in fame and glory and gain a whole gang of fourth graders who HATE YOU and to whom you can constantly sing-song “my diorama was better than yours” each and every-time you see them at Freddies. Oh – AAANNDD win some prizes!!

More info here. You can also see previous entrants here. My personal favorite is this send-up of vanished conman DB Cooper. I want to believe:

FIG. 1 A very jaunty D.B. Cooper.
  • Kick Ass Oregon History
  • FIG. 1 A very jaunty D.B. Cooper.

Go on, make your inner third-grader proud!