And now for some grisly news you didn't want to know about Fleet Week. Sheriff's department Lieutenant Mary Lindstrand called to inform us that every year the big ships coming into the port for Fleet Week churn up the bottom of the Willamette and up floats.... dead bodies that have been missing for months! According to Lt. Lindstrand, three bodies have surfaced in the last two weeks thanks to the Navy boats. Two resolve missing persons cases, but the third is a total mystery — a 50 something woman wearing a rainbow "Embrace Diversity" bracelet who had been in the river at least six months.

The Sheriff cannot reveal what they suspect as cause of death, but they are hoping someone can help them figure out who the woman was. "She's obviously a very caring person to be wearing a bracelet like that," says Lindstrand.

Photo and more info below.

Here's the photo of all her jewelry:


The Sheriff's department is hoping someone can ID the woman based on this info:

F/Possibly Caucasian
Age: Approx. 50-60
Height: Approx. 5'3"
Hair: Graying, with 12" braid in back of head

If you know anything, call the Sheriff's tip line at (503) 261-2847 and reference MCSO Case #09-403791