From Thriller to the Monster Mash, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and classic Disney cartoons, Halloween lends itself to loads of delightful performances, specifically dance-oriented performances. (Notably THIS piece of cinema, which seems fair to include as Teen Witch is obviously a film about the paranormal.)* Halloween is the perfect time to watch some weirdos cut some goofy freak moves out on the dance floor—which, hey, sounds like all of my house parties and so brings me to the topic of some local news...

Portland’s “most joyous" dance company, BodyVox, are in the midst of their second Halloween show. It's a lot of fun. (They make the undead seem cozy!) They call it BloodyVox: Fresh Blood; it's off-kilter and silly, and cartoony rather than creepy. The show is comprised of several vignettes with reoccurring characters: a mouthless noir detective, zombies, samurai people, and a clown.

Krebby the Clown and his upside-down antics
  • David Krebs
  • "Krebby the Clown" and his upside-down antics

For a loose comparison, think Cirque du Soleil, if it were on a tight budget. BloodyVox has that similarly slapstick, off-kilter (Canadian) humor, the striped costuming, the awe-inspiring acrobatics and movements, plus the absence of any fleshed out characters. Also similar to Cirque, sometimes the tone is a little odd or doesn’t quite cohere (i.e. Why is BloodyVox's mumbly clown wearing giant DC shoes? Why are those ninjas wearing velvet jumpsuits and saggy, knotted nightcaps?). In the end, it’s no matter. You delight in what you see. You ease up on any tonal inconsistencies and your narrative impulse. BodyVox shows are always a pleasure, in part because the performers seem to be so enjoying themselves, and things stay light and good-natured, with elements of surprise sprinkled in.

Here's a promo video. These charming Siamese twins—two dancers (Jeff George and Eric Skinner) who manage to move gracefully and perfectly in tune while strapped together—gives something of a preview:

As an added incentive, BodyVox is holding a juried costume contest on their Oct. 31, Halloween performance! Winners receive a pair of season tickets to BodyVox. $5 Arts for All tickets are also available for performances. The next show is tomorrow night. Get tickets here.
BodyVox Dance Center. Oct 25, 26, 27, 31, Nov. 1, 2, 3. 7:30 pm

*Also noteworthy in a round-up of Halloween dances, this video: Wednesday teaches Lurch how to groove. Too adorable to not include.