Rose Gardens of Washington Park, 400 SW Kingston (check for info on extended shuttle service), Friday June 25, 6:30 pm, FREE

If you don't already know and love the fashion designers in this town, here's a perfect introduction. Twenty-three of the best have been brought together for this huge, outdoor fashion show, so you can see some of the people and ideas responsible for putting PDX on the national apparel radar. Featuring lightweight, cheerful clothing to suit the summer weather, the show will display designs for women, men, and even children. (The models will be coifed by stylists from Leapin' Lizards salon--if you're looking to scope out your next dye job.)

In true Portland fashion (pun--sheepishly--intended), the clothing featured is for the most part simple and absolutely wearable, reflecting the homemade, utilitarian credo of many local clothiers. In fact, you'll likely recognize at least some of the signature styles showcased, if you have an eye for seeking out stores that emphasize independent designs. For example Christopher North (also the organizer of the event), Bonnie Heart Clyde (distinctive stitching on hats, shirts, and more), Darbeka (one-of-a-kind skirts), Adam Arnold (one of our most prestigious tailors), and Seaplane (home base for local indie lines) will all be on hand. Come early, armed with a picnic basket, and settle in among the roses for an elegant, summery evening of fashiony fun. MARJORIE SKINNER