Courses: Rockwood, 17800 SE Main, Gresham; Portland Adventist School, 181st and NW 1st, left on 1st, Gresham; two gnarly courses in Estacada as well, visit for details

Most serious stoners are familiar with the Frisbee, and the athletic stimulation it can provide for a body lulled by the gentle droop of THC. But Frisbees also involve running--you have to run and catch your throwing partner's miserable tosses--and Ultimate Frisbee is a rigorous, competitive event that requires way more huffing and puffing than any proper pothead deserves.

Enter Frisbee Golf. I played it last weekend for the first time in a long while, and was reminded of what a perfect outdoor party game it is. The courses are woodsy affairs with nine to 18 "holes" (metal chain baskets) placed strategically amidst trees and underbrush. To play you must obtain special Frisbee Golf discs, which are smaller and heavier than normal plastic Frisbees. Go to to find an array far greater than you ever imagined, and all for extremely reasonable prices ($11-20).

But special equipment aside, Frisbee Golf is ultimately just a leisurely stroll through the woods and fields, with occasional breaks to pick up the disc and loft it towards the cup. It requires no previous athletic ability--hence the appeal to inebriators everywhere. Drunk, stoned, or just plain trippin', Frisbee Golf is for you. JWS