John's Market, 3535 SW Multnomah Blvd, 244-2617

If you live in southwest Portland, you get your keg here.

Lutz Tavern, 4639 SE Woodstock, 774-0353

Picking up your keg is an excuse to grab a beer at one of the most comfortable (and out of the way) watering holes in town.

Mt. Hood Beverage, 3601 NW Yeon, 417-5001

275 types of beer, and keg specials every month.

New Old Lompoc, 1616 NW 23rd, 225-1855

The New Old Lompoc brews beers that are guaranteed to make you fall down drunk after two pints, which always makes for an interesting party--especially a family holiday party. (Try the C-Note Imperial IPA at 6.9% proof.)

Widmer Brothers Brewing, 929 N Russell, 281-2437

Call first to reserve your keg. A friendly live person walks you through your options.

Theme Party Accessories

Wild Bill's, 2318 NW Vaughn, 224-0134

Gambling, game shows, murder mystery dinners--everything you could possibly dream of for your yuppie birthday party. Only $75 for a craps table.

Parties, Inc., 641-1803

Strippers are out--giant inflatable Earth balls are in! Granted, when people first get to your party they will be milling around looking at these contrived-fun accoutrements calling them "gay" and hating on them. Four hours and 13 bottles of Monopolowa into it, I guarantee there will be a longer line to jump on the inflatable slide than for the bathroom! They've got Velcro walls ($425,) pool tables ($350), human bowling ($400), giant earth balls ($100), croquet set ($30), virtual reality ($1,195), tug-of-war rope ($20), inflatable slides ($895)!

Party Snacks

Food Fight!, 4179 SE Division, 233-3910

For creative vegan snacks, like weird fake meats and candy, this is your spot.

Winco, 11250 SE 82nd

Worth the trip! You don't need a card to get in and they have SUPER cheap bulk party foods. Remember to bring cash because that's how they keep their prices so low!

Trader Joe's, 2212 NW Glisan, 4218 NE Sandy, 4715 SE 39th

Party snacks that people will go nuts for, like peanut butter-filled pretzels, sesame sticks, giant olives, etc. An especially good place to pick up an array of cheeses for an affordable price. Three-dollar bottles of wine help you supplement any party beverage spread.

Costumes and Decorations

Bazaar of the Bizarre, 7202 NE Glisan, 235-3552

Bats, eyeballs, spider webs-- everything to make your party terrifying.

Halloween Warehouse, 1532 NE 37th, 280-2839

Bitchin' vintage costumes.

Hollywood Costumers, 635 SE Hawthorne, 235-9215

C'mon, you can't be a toilet paper mummy again this year.

Lippman Company, 50 SE Yamhill, 239-7007

Party decorations go from tiny knickknacks to huge zombie heads. If you're having a party or gearing up for Halloween, you simply must stop by their store.

Madame Bouffant Custom Wigs, 3347 SE Belmont, Studio 2, 971-409-2189,

Want to look like Medusa or Don King for Halloween? Anything is possible.


Crowsenberg's Half and Half, 923 SW Oak, 222-4495

Creative finger sandwiches like peanut butter and marshmallow, far out veggie trays, and desserts to die for. Crowsenberg's catering will make any party a smash hit.

Headwaters Café, 680-5065

This cute gentleman caterer brings his own silver bullet trailer to your event and can make anything from delicious hors d'oeuvres to three course dinners--all at reasonable prices.

La Bonita, 2839 NE Alberta, 281-3662

The best taqueria in town, La Bonita will hook up a full taco bar for your wedding or they can just pack up a bulk order of vegetarian tamales for your Sunday afternoon football party. They're that flexible.


King Boulevard Liquor, 3636 NE MLK

Shitty selection, but way-late hours! Open until 10 pm Mon-Sat.

Hawthorne Liquor, 4638 SE Hawthorne

Great recommendations and open till 8 pm Fri-Sat.

Barbur Liquor, 9875 SW Barbur Blvd

Open till 10 pm! Right by the best lingerie modeling shop in Portland, too!

Rental Spaces

Red Lion Sky Room (aka Windows), 1021 NE Grand Avenue, 235-2100

If you are lucky enough to be blessed with a trust fund or are wanting a spot with toilets that will always flush, this place is perfect. It has a 1900 sq. ft. terrace, a beautiful view of the east side, and can hold up to 200 people. Prices vary depending on how willing your friends are to buy booze, call for details.

Eagles Lodge, 4904 SE Hawthorne, 232-7505

A huge two-room space with dark lighting, full-sized stage, and dilapidated seating, it's what any Hank Williams fan would want. Prices vary depending on if you will use their kitchen or karaoke machine, but still the cheapest around ($125 - $220 for the entire evening). You can bring whatever bands you want and anything goes, BUT their one rule is that you MUST let Eagles Lodge members into your party, who are probably cooler than your friends, anyway.

Lippman, Co., 50 SE Yamhill, 239-7007

The Lippman Company has a huge, beautiful space in the SE industrial district with exposed brick walls, bamboo floors, and a wall of windows. Have the Lippman plan your whole party, or set it up and cater it yourself. They're super accommodating and let you use the space all night long, so try them for your next 24-hour dance off.

Slabtown, 1033 NW 16th Ave, 223-0099

You wouldn't know it, but there is this huge secret back room that is all painted white with intricate wood designed booths and it looks like it's straight out of the Victorian Era. You can get bottomless beers and assign your friends V.I.P. stamps, like being backstage at a Strokes show.

Paintball Island, 6225 Arndt Southwest in Canby (40 min. drive), 309-9900

I did this for my birthday last year and it RULED. It's totally outside in a huge area, and you wear a full military get-up and all. It makes you feel a little more empathetic toward our loved ones in you know where (except you don't die). It costs anywhere from $50 - $80 but you end up of saving money because you should NOT drink. Seriously. No, seriously.

DJs for Hire

DJ Makeout, 963-8888 (Kelly's, Seven Stars Lounge): Perfect for the hipster gathering, plays early '90s hiphop, disco punk, electro. Artists like Tribe Called Quest, DFA, Metro Area. Charges $40-800 (for weddings).

Kyle T, 997-6949 (Goodfoot, 1201)

Here's a DJ with old school cred and impeccable mixing ability. Kyle T plays '90s and modern drum 'n bass, '80s. You'll hear: Joy Division and various DNB artists you've never heard of. Charges $100.

Dantronix (Holocene, East)

Simultaneously projects awesome music videos with lasers while rocking your place. Plays: punk, new wave, electro, '80s, obscure. Charges $100-200. Email

Sharon Needles (Nocturnal, two DJs)

These boys manage to bring something new every time, mixing experimental, psych dance, children's music, and '80s songs. Expect Depeche Mode, The Faint, and Tone Loc. Charges $150-200. Email: DJ_Additive@

DJ Teenage (Kelly's)

Will probably bring more people to your party than you will. Mixes hiphop, disco, country, dance, and obscure. Featured artists include Biz Markie, Run D.M.C., Cheryl Lynn. Price: Free beer. Email: