The weekly Blogtown torture chamber continues, this week with Mercury music writer/astronomer/misanthrope Ned Lannamannaman. If you know anything about Ned, he's a feckless passive/aggressive bastard who survives in the print industry primarily because of his unwillingness to do anything great. He hates any music that doesn't include a banjo, and considers "people" a tiring, but necessary race put on this earth to administer handjobs and serve him pizza. If anyone—other than myself—deserves to be discomfortable, it's him. That's why he must be thrust into... THE DISCOMFORT ZONE. (Well, that, and it was his turn according to the calendar.)

The rules are simple: we do a half-hearted search for the most uncomfortable (for him) events of the week—with a few tossed in for good measure by Blogtown regulars—and then you vote on which event he has to attend and be discomforted by! Even worse, he has to write about it afterward—a task which, to him, is almost as uncomfortable as actually attending the event, because he is a writer who hates writing, and is therefore the perfect person to represent our dying industry.

OKAY! All that being said, here are Ned's DISCOMFORT ZONE choices for YOU to vote on!

The All Stars Tour at the Roseland: An entire DAY of unequivocally shitty metalcore bands, starting at 1:30 in the afternoon, and continuing until the audience commits seppuku. Here's one of the headliners, and if you can make it through 20 seconds of this, you deserve a million dollars. REMEMBER NED! NO DRINKING!

Mama Mia at the Keller Auditorium: This musical based on the songs of ABBA is so, so, so much worse than the actual songs of ABBA and will possibly make Ned's head explode. I kind of like musicals, though, so maybe I should go with him and rub his thigh during the performance?

Josh Groban at the Rose Garden: Look up "bland" in the dictionary and you'll see this guy. Josh will undoubtedly put on a painfully sleepy performance that will lull Ned into a discomfortable sleep. At which point I'll sneak up behind him and slit his throat. Fun for me, not so fun for him.

Baby Woodstock at the Children's Museum: Here's one from Commenter Todd— a six-hour concert for KIDS (Ned despises children, of course), and here's the description: "Dust off your dancing shoes and put those bell bottoms on, it’s time to celebrate our annual event, Baby Woodstock. Take in a great musical performance, make your own drum, and decorate your own reusable shopping bag." HAHAHAHAAAA!!! Gross. Here's a song from Baby Woodstock headliners, The Alphabeticians.

Street Busking: Here's another Blogtownie suggestion I think is pretty good! Ned will have to spend at least two hours busking on the street downtown for money. That's right, playing his guitar and singing songs (let's say at Pioneer Square on Saturday afternoon), and if he happens to make any money (he won't) it will be used buy us drinks at the next Blogtown meet up. Video proof of Ned performing must be provided and posted along with Discomfort Zone write up. He should also wear an odd hat. GET A REAL JOB, HIPPIE!

Get it? Got it? Good, let's vote!