Hey Patrick,

Despite the large majority of craft beers in Oregon being Ales, I noticed that a lot of the beers you've tasted and enjoyed since your month started were lagers. Good way to get into craft beer from Macro stuff I guess, since it's a better quality version of the style you were already drinking. If you'd like to try a great Oregon Lager, try something from Heater Allen. The beers are brewed in McMinnville, and the brewery specializes in Lagers, which isn't common in Oregon. Most Oregon lagers you find are from breweries that took a quick break from brewing ales to try something different.
beer snobs are just as boring and repellent as regular snobs.
For a Beer Goddess, there is a fairly major error in what she told you about Ales v. Lagers -- lagers can also be made with top-fermenting yeasts. At least in Germany, see kolsch, for example, a top-fermenting beer that is "lagered," or conditioned in cold-storage.
The difference is only due to translation. Lager means to store in German. Top fermented beers that are aged in Germany can be called "lagered", but that doesn't mean they're a lager by our set of definitions.

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