Above is the label for Upright Brewing's latest. Not only is it nameless, but it's also "style-less" according to Upright (who'd rather you make up your own mind about where it sits in the beer spectrum). And, yes, that is the Clash.

While it doesn't sound as if brewer Alex Ganum is looking to make "the Only Beer that Matters," it's clear he is aligning himself with a kind of punk aesthetic, linking the workingman's farmhouse-style brew to the loud leftist leanings of the British punk legends. I wonder, though, if anyone's going to make the point that Upright's bottles have a tendency to be priced out of the range of lower class incomes? Wait, I guess I just did. I'm not saying Upright's beers aren't worth the price. In fact, the craft and care put into their brews are worth the premium (I try to have a bottle of Four in my fridge as often as possible). However, not knowing the price point, I can't say how proletariat friendly this brew will be.

With all that being said, it'll be interesting to see how Upright's rock brew compares with, say, Lagunitas' Zappa inspired beers. (Anyone still holding on to a bottle?)

The stats from Upright's press release:

The beer is well balanced with delicate flavors throughout, using a Munich lager yeast that highlights the ingredients clearly and gives the beer a soft yet satisfying finish. Brewed with Canadian grown pilsener malt and magnum, liberty and tettnanger hops from Mt. Angel. 6.77% abv

If your looking to get you're lips around this bottle sooner than later, Upright will be rocking a release party this Friday from 4:30-9 pm, at their Leftbank tasting room, 240 N Broadway, Suite 002. You'll probably be able to find it by following the sound of punk rock blaring from the basement.