Marking his professional transition to full-time boozehound, we got this tip from former music editor-turned-bar owner Ezra Caraeff.

Need a little help with what you're drinking? Try Drinkify, which pairs music with a beverage. Punch in what you're listening to, and the handy database comes up with the ideal pairing.

A few kinks*, though: There's a "turn music off" switch, but I don't hear any music playing to begin with. And some of the drink choices are a little, uh, strange. Punching in "Thin Lizzy" doesn't result in either Irish whiskey or stout, which is totally wrong; instead, Drinkify suggest a disgusting-sounding concoction of rum, elderberry liquor, and tomato juice. "Culture Club" results in a suggestion of one entire ounce of Red Bull (???). "Tom Waits" gives you a relatively mild suggestion of a whole bottle of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. "Neil Young" results in red wine, garnished with a cucumber—weird. And "Frank Sinatra" results in a bottle of merlot, garnished with a maraschino cherry. Um, NO.

What're you listening to?

*Drinkify's suggestion for the Kinks? Four ounces of sloe gin. Seems about right.

End Hits: The result for "Everclear"? Not what you think.