As a pedicabber who works the aforementioned night-life scene I have seen far more than my share of the shit-show that this area becomes when the clubs are hoppin'.
I fully support this idea because it will make the scene much safer in terms of fights and drunk pedestrian-vs-car conflicts lowering and the police who work this scene will have a much easier job to do without having to deal with vehicle traffic.
No-brainer, like flouride. Let's do it!
Fluoride, oops
That is a really interesting idea. I don't see any apparent negatives to this idea, it not like the area has much parking, or that there is a real need to drive. I don't see any reason to exclude pedicabs or bikes though (but I could see taxies being all pissy if pedicabs have access).
That area is similar to 6th Street in Austin Texas, where they close down the street every night to give the music and bar crowd plenty of room to walk. Closing off those streets could induce an even heaver nightlife scene as more clubs and bars will open. I love this idea.
How about making it douchebag free?
They should drop a small nuke on that street.

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