Conflict-of-Interest Pony requires us to point out the connection between North Portland watering hole the Old Gold and the Portland Mercury—the bar was built on the burial ground of all our former music editors, or so the legend goes—but Beer-Drinkin' Burro also insists that we tell you about the awesome thing they've got planned for tomorrow with Double Mountain Brewery.

When the Old Gold first opened its doors back way back in 2011, the first drink they sold was Double Mountain's Vaporizer. It's been a staple of their taps ever since. And tomorrow, May 23, starting at 4 pm, the Old Gold is letting the Hood River brewery take over several of their taps, which means four Double Mountain beers will be pouring at all times. I'm told they'll have some super rare beers that you won't be able to get anywhere else in Portland, plus food specials, as well as OG's customized whiskey pairings. If you're looking for a beer tomorrow, you know where to go.

The Old Gold, 2105 N Killingsworth, Thurs May 23, 4 pm-close