Happy St. Patrick's week, nerds! Here's a fun idea on what to do with all those empty bottles:

And here is why I'll be emptying my bottles: like most humans, I had a crippling Plants Versus Zombies addiction for several months of my life. And then when Plants Vs Zombies 2 came out for iPhone, that whole thing started over again. There is a NEW Plants Versus Zombies game out right now, but it is only out for XBoxThings, and I am not playing it, and thus I am sad.

The new Plants Versus Zombies game, if you are interested in a new addiction, is a multiplayer first-person shooter, in which you play a zombie or a plant on teams, participating in deathmatch, capture-the-flag, or other play styles. The plants and zombies have similar character classes (you can be a healer on both teams, for example, or the big bulky fighter type), but they have some variety, and the game style and range of characters and modes seems to have been created to indoctrinate/appeal to those casual gamers who took Plants Versus Zombies way too seriously for the last two semesters of college.

Unfortunately, those casual-to-transitioning gamers (me) don't have a new console (yet, I guess) so we can't play. The game has been announced for Windows "and other systems" soon—and I will be patiently waiting for that to happen. While playing Threes. (It's out for Android now, everybody!)