I just saw someone whip out a bunch of cigars at Jesse Cornett's "victory party" at Graphic Station, in a converted garage next to Roots Brewing on SE 7th and Hawthorne. There were, like, seven in a "humipouch," all different kinds, long ones. This guy brought them over to Cornett's campaign manager, Peter Markgraf, who turned pale as a sheet when he saw me spot them, and frantically shushed the dude.

Now, Markgraf has put the cigars in a desk drawer. "I don't recall them," he says, when I ask about the cigars. I'm going to keep needling him about those, until the results come in.


Cornett doesn't seem too bothered that I've seen his cigars. His prediction? "Runoff." That means he thinks he and the other candidates will be able to keep Dan Saltzman under 50%. There's free Mirror Pond, red and white wine, and a good sized meat and cheese buffet, the best part of all is these dates stuffed with blue cheese:

It's a little quiet for the time being, mainly campaign staff and volunteers, except for Bruce Springsteen's Glory Days on the radio. "When we first came in, there was Living On A Prayer playing," says Cornett. "I thought that was quite appropriate."