Boy, that Rev. Chuck Currie is one hell of a nice guy (sorry for the blaspheming, Rev.). With a buffet of Mexican fare along the kid-friendly lines of nachos and quesadillas, Chuck's election party for Multnomah County commissioner was a family-friendly affair at Aztec Willie's on NE Broadway. Green balloons and tons of kids were swarming, when Chuck made his concession speech at 8:15 pm, it was then that it looked like it was going to be a run-off between Karol Collymore and Loretta Smith. Surrounded by his campaign crew and wife, Liz, the blazer-clad Chuck said, "We've run a campaign we're proud of. It's going to two terrific people. The county isn't going to lose." No one seemed particularly surprised about the results, but everyone seemed to be big Chuck fans. He continued, "It was the most grassroots campaign out there. We knocked on 5,000 doors!" Big applause at this point. "This isn't the result I wanted, but I got to spend 45 days talking about the issues. It's not a bad gig if you can get it. There's still plenty of food to eat and drinks to drink."

It sorta made me sad I wasn't in his district. Chuck is totally likeable. A big bear who opened the night with a joke about being nominated for president and ended it with being gracious as all get out.