Really quick before I get into this, let me say that to be an employee at a journalistic enterprise these days is to be inundated with infographics. At some point in the last five years or so, random companies began finding apparently insane value in researching obscure topics, then relentlessly pushing them onto publications of all stripes. Don't respond to their first email? A badgering follow-up in on its way.

But I'm posting this one. Estately is a real estate site that figured out it could get its name out there by analyzing Google Trends for various bits of info, then serving the data up in graphic form (example: "Study: Oregon shoppers 4th least likely to encounter Black Friday sale fights").

Its latest: "What Each State Googled More Frequently Than Any Other State Since the Election."

The title's not correct, really. It appears the Estately folks worked up a list of "hundreds of terms, names, and questions that relate to both current events and the new Donald Trump administration," then plugged them in to figure out which state was looking at them most since November 8.

And here in Oregon, we've apparently been looking up "punching Nazis" more than anyone. Also: "Trump approval rating today" and "alt National Park Service Twitter."

These are respectable! Especially when you see that Tennessee has a penchant for searching "What is critical thinking?" and Missouri's diligently been investigating "Trump and golden shower."

Here's the full list. I have no idea if it's right, but I'm pleased with the idea.

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