Eric Isaacson

From Mississippi Records & Repair

4007 N. Mississippi

The best things in life come on vinyl. But are your choices anywhere near as interesting as Eric's top five records?

The Village Green Preservation Society by the Kinks: "My favorite since I was five. It's kind of elf music, but also rock 'n' roll. Anyhow, I believe in it."

The Country Girls (compilation, OJL Records): "Country blues from the '20s and '30s, all female."

One String Blues by One String Jones: "He just plays one string attached to a board. Very pure."

Hi, We're the Miracles by The Miracles: "Kind of a gross, mushy love record, but it's like the beginning of soul to me."

New Orleans Funeral & Parade by Eureka Brass Band: "Because I'm a morbid person. A great traditional funeral album, recorded in the alleyways of New Orleans."


From Mint

816 N. Russell

Looking for the perfect drink to cool down in the backyard wading pool or wash back those barbecued ribs? Rebecca pours booze and gladly recommends her favorite summer drinks.

Stoli vanilla lemonade with muddled mint: "They're yummy! And no one can tell you've been drinking them when you're working."

Dirty vodka martini: "Simple, clean, super cold."

Très Generation tequila and light beer: "An all-around drink for out in the backyard."

Blue Hawaii: "Usually they come in a huge bowl. The whole purpose of the day is to find and finish a Blue Hawaii."

Singapore Sling: "A good way to drink gin in the summer. It's fruity. It makes gin tolerable."