Tara Dublin
From 94.7 Alternative Portland (KNRK)

Tara is on the air from 9 am–2 pm weekdays on KNRK. She's a proud music connoisseur with a list of bands that aren't on the radio:

The Coolies: "Their album Dig was punkish Simon and Garfunkel covers, as well as Paul Anka's 'You're Having My Baby.' Their next album Doug was a rock opera about a famous chef who blows his fortune on crack."• Colorblind James Experience: "They had a minor hit with 'Considering a Move to Memphis,' which is seven minutes. I keep thinking I'll play it on my show. 'Champagne Supernova' is seven and a half, and we play that all the damn time."• The Jody Grind: "An Atlanta-area band fronted by the powerhouse voice of Kelly Hogan."• Donkey: "At the forefront of the swing movement in the early '90s, but ahead of their time. Had they hit it big, Todd Ferster's vocals would be keeping Harry Connick Jr. up at night."

Renee Bosler
Local Artist

Renee paints folksy portraits of vampire entomologists and dead pirates. Check out these other Northwest artists, too; she says they rock:

Lisa Petrucci: "Pop art featuring lots of kitschy '60s dolls, cute animals, and pretty pin-ups." (www.lisapetrucci.com)

Krysztof Nemeth: "He draws sexy pin-up girls with a little kink." (www.charm-school.com)

• Sara Lanzillotta: "A doll artist who makes charming, creepy-cute little creatures." (www.devoutdolls.com)

Christine Olsen: "Dreamy, stylized paintings of pirate girls, buoyant-breasted goddesses, and peculiar mermaids." (www.trollophut.com)

Monica Roxburgh: "Monica is the mastermind behind Goblin Art, where she creates amazing creatures and masks." (www.goblinart.com)