Garett Stenson
From db clay

Six years ago Garett started making DIY wallets out of gaffers' tape and has moved on to "industrial-grade" gaffers' tape and a product more appropriately called "pocket art." Here are his fashion don'ts:

DON'T wear chain wallets: "I see the point of it, we all want to keep our money safe. Only skaters and bikers allowed."

• DON'T store your life in your wallet: "I've seen people's wallets with receipts in them that date back a couple years. It gives you a lopsided ass."

DON'T skimp on the magic three: "Coat, shoes, and wallets/purses. People spend tons on clothing items they'll wear once a month, and then have this jalopy Velcro wallet."

DON'T buy for brand: "Buy for the look, not just the designer's name."

• DON'T wear one strap: "It's so junior high mid-'90s to be walking around with your backpack on one shoulder."

Vanessa Jean
From Vanessa Jean Duct Tape Design

Like Garett, Vanessa makes accessories from duct tape and estimates that she's gone through hundreds of rolls. These are fashionable things you should be doing with your accessories:

DO check out these stores: "Cuckoo, Fix, and Local.35 are great. They have tons of small accessories. You're not gonna see this stuff anywhere else, cause it's local."

DO wear handmade scarves: "A scarf is a great accessory for color, especially in the drab gray winter."

• DO rock flamboyant handbags: "It doesn't have to match your outfit. It's like getting to carry a piece of art with you all the time."

DO take care of your accessories: "For some reason, accessories don't get the same treatment as clothes. Hand wash natural fibers often and waterproof and moisturize your leathers regularly."

DO repair accessories: "For stuck zippers use a wax stick. A tailor or leather store can fix a purse strap or broken heel no problem!"