The Portland Mercury's Highball


Various Locations (map) Elsewhere
March 19-25

Minh Tran

Here at the Portland Mercury, we know just what you need, given the current state of 2017, life, the universe, and everything: You need GOOD BOOZE, and you need it NOW!

So prepare yourself (and your liver) for the Portland Mercury’s HIGHBALL! At each of Highball’s locations, you’ll find specially crafted cocktails that are available only to Highball participants. Even better? Each of these fantastic, sanity-saving cocktails will be available ALL DAY (not just during happy hour!) and cost you a mere $5!

Stay tuned to the Portland Mercury for more information on all the 2018 locations and drink specials.

Various Locations

, Portland, OR

Event Times
  • March 19-25
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