Everything as Fuck Sep 16, 2015 at 4:20 pm

Hello, Newcomer, Goodbye


I feel like if you were to attend an event that required filling in a sticker that said: "Hello, my name is" across the top, the following statement would be written in sharpie; "Ian Karmel & I shoot to kill (with words!)" or some thing else that shows how much this made me laugh at myself and enjoy reading another one of your articles. Thank you, Ian! :D
Is Orange Country still racist as fuck? I always found that endearing in a embarrassingly-impressive, "keeping it real" sort of way.

Maybe it was just Tustin.
YES! Take your pseudo nomadic lifestyle tourism to the place all of the Merc writers are from! You will love it, back where you came from!
If the next recession really hits hard again(or even like it did in the early 2000s or in 2008) and the job market gets really bad it won't just be recent transplants leaving but also a lot of us Portland-born folks leaving (again). And the working class will be just as screwed if not more than they are now if unemployment is over 12 percent again. So be careful what you wish for Kimchi.
This is like one of those bad contracts that the Mercury can't get out of. It is a shame we can't trade him or is the Mercury over the CAP space.
Maybe if you could write something other than a shitty internet comment there'd be another Portlander who could take over my column, Lahar.
I don't get it? Is that joke that he is fat? Or fat and classist? Please explain.
hi there! i just arrived here from the midwest. i love it and i'm going to stay forever.
You're all fucked.

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