This weekend I saw a guy walking around the airport dressed in this t-shirt—and it made me have FEELINGS!


At first I was like, "Boy, that guy flew into the wrong city." But then I was like, "Ummm... wait... I think that t-shirt might be awesome?" What follows are eight reasons why it might be awesome.

REASON ONE: It is a muscle tee.
REASON TWO: It depicts Trump riding atop a GOLD-PLATED Trump tank (bearing a Trump license plate, just in case you didn't know the tank belonged to Trump).
REASON THREE: Explosions!
REASON FOUR: Falling money!
REASON FIVE: An American eagle firing a machine gun!
REASON SIX: 7-11 Big Gulp advertising.
REASON SEVEN: "You're Fired!" printed on the tank's cannon.
REASON EIGHT: It's 100 percent polyester.

Plus it's only $29.99, and as far as I can tell, none of the money goes to Trump. It's being sold by a company called "American as Fuck" which also specializes in T-shirts depicting George W. Bush riding a shark, Ronald Reagan sitting on a Velociraptor, and for some reason, this Reba McEntire shirt.

Anyway, while the Trump Tank muscle tee might be a bit too "high profile" for someone like me, maybe YOU want the shirt? Get it here. Just stay away from airports.