It’s that time of year again: Holiday parties are in full swing! I’m sure you’re drinking every night of the week, and if you’re anything like me, coasting on all things adultish: work, eating right, exercising, and keeping clean. (As in cleaning house—don’t worry guys, I’m still showering.) As a freelancer for the Mercury, some people wouldn’t consider me an official “employee,” but I do. Which means I attended two “work” parties this week, and thusly, I’m down for the count. But at least these pictures are making this painful morning a lot better. The Mercury staff is top notch and everything about the people here rules. I’m so happy to be part of this team, and I while I apologize for getting mushy, I just... well... I’ve just got a lot of love for them! Happy Holidays everyone, okay?!

Our little ’50s-style siren, and dab champion in sales, Anna.  Marissa Sullivan
Sales exec CD hails from a weekly in Georgia and is now our resident steampunk/D&D player on the scene. Marissa Sullivan
You can thank Elizabeth Mollo for the Merc’s coverage of the best fashion events around town. Also, big thanks to her ball-and-chain for being a kickass KJ all night!!!  Marissa Sullivan
All smiles from our social media maven Bri! Marissa Sullivan
Sales guru Campy knows how to make a snowy night bright. Mele Kalikimaka, Campy! Marissa Sullivan
I have this bearded fellow to thank for this page’s layout. Marissa Sullivan
Partygoers in Descendents Christmas sweaters and velvet pants get an A+ guest approval in my book! Marissa Sullivan
Marissa Sullivan