It was the last Wednesday in June, and I was invited to one of the coolest happenings in town (IMO, of course). It’s an event called Suitcase Laundry organized by a very organized woman named Nic Porter.

Suitcase Laundry is described as “a women-only photoshoot event that focuses on the female gaze while prioritizing art over content and collaboration over competition.” According to Porter, the event’s intention is to “carve a space for women photographers, art directors, lighting, HMUAs, stylists, models, post-production, etc. to engage in knowledge-sharing, portfolio-building, resource-sharing, collaboration, creating badass art.”

What a novel idea, right?! They’ve held a few of these, including one at Swift creative agency, but this was the first I was invited to, and was held way out in Milwaukie at a beautiful wedding venue called Gray Gables Estate. As you can see from the photos, it was a lush, romantic place to shoot, and made for some really great photo ops.

Thanks to Porter for having the organizational skills to pull something like this off, because I can’t even imagine. (You try getting over 30 models, 10-plus photographers, and somewhere around 40 stylists/photo assistants/hair and makeup artists all in one venue at the same time!) And thanks for having such a great idea in the first place.

Love how Alex’s wide leg pairs perfectly with her red cowgirl boots. Marissa Sullivan
Model off duty. Marissa Sullivan
Model off duty. Marissa Sullivan
Model off duty. Marissa Sullivan
Mistook this model for a stylist since she clearly has an affinity for vintage. Marissa Sullivan
Vintage reseller and stylist Becca always has the brightest looks and smiles. Marissa Sullivan
All-white looks win me over. Marissa Sullivan
So do floral and cheetah looks!  Marissa Sullivan
MUAs have the best skin. Marissa Sullivan
Another MUA was a little camera- shy. Marissa Sullivan