It’s been over a year since my shop boy roundup, and I meant to get back to it MUCH sooner, but I tend to be the type of Street Style photographer who, much like a maneater, only comes out at night. (If you don’t get that reference, grow up.) But in all seriousness, I mostly take pictures at events—art shows, music shows, fashion shows, and so on. So when I found myself in need of content (and with no shows on the horizon) I thought it would be the perfect time to get back to my shop (boy/girl) series. Much like the first time around, I kept my focus centrally located on the West end—but I’ll make my way to other hoods soon, I promise!

Something I love about this series is the element of surprise. Rest assured that not one of these gals knew I was coming; they didn’t have time to do their hair or put on lipstick. No, it was just them, in the moment, looking as cute as the buttons on their jumpsuits. (Oh, and now feels like a good time to mention that jumpsuits were a theme.)