Another Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, and if we lived in the 1930s, we’d be stoked we can finally wear white—but if you’re anything like me, you hate antiquated rules, and wear white in the dead of winter. I also refuse to subscribe to the rule that shoes and belts must always match. But as usual, I digress! On Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, I trotted over to Produce Row for the always-fun (when Rev Shines is spinning) Beats & Brunch. Warning: Do NOT go for the service, which can be at-fucking-rocious at times. Go only for the beats, and do not, I repeat DO NOT go hungry. Whoops. Digressing again. Anyway, after brunch I found myself wandering around the Portland Flea between Rejuvenation and Jacobsen Salt Co. on a VERY hot afternoon. I took pics of the shop owners and their stands, and loved seeing how every proprietor’s style was so closely reflected in their small piece of Flea real estate. Check out the photographic evidence to see exactly what I mean. xo, PP

Chic from head-to-toe-to-purse.
And this one: so minimal with her lack of colors, and looking classic in a sea of vintage shirts.
This one only sells bright, fun, ’80s- and ’90s-inspired prints and colors. So fun! 
Loving those bright green blazers.
It was a green shoes kind of a day. Check out these camo Jordans.
Lots of great jumpsuits, especially this li’l mini.
Best fitting jeans 1. 
Best fitting jeans 2. 
Not only do these shop girls look like twins, but everything they were selling was totally this style. (Read: hella cute/kinda Southwest inspired.)