House shows: A necessity for music lovers under the age of 21. And it turns out they’re just as fun in your 30s—but I mean, duh, right? However, no matter how old you are, there’s one thing about house shows that never changes: annoying frat bros who show up reeking of cologne and almost ruining everything... but I digress. 

This particular in-home was one for the record books with an epic first performer named Icybox, who dressed like Satan while playing Heather Feather ASMR videos in the background, and it was fuckin’ tight. The lineup also featured millennial heartthrob (I just coined that) Tom Ghoulie, “basement glam band” DeGreaser, and local post-punk outfit Wave Action. Here are some pics of those in attendance, and no, I didn’t take any photos of those douches in Reed College shirts. But if you’re curious, the answer is “Yes, they did have eye brow rings.” xoxo PP