I can’t remember the first time I saw Sarah Donofrio, the brains behind One Imaginary Girl’s fashion label. But it was probably 2016 and most likely on the runway at Fade to Light. I remember it being a show-stopper and by far my favorite designer of the night. Once I got a look at her credentials, it was no surprise why I was floored by her work. This person had put in her dues. Before starting her own womenswear label, Donofrio worked as a buyer, designer, and textile developer in Toronto and London. And as long as we’re name-dropping: Donofrio has also made appearances at New York Fashion Week and in British Vogue and Jute magazines. Most recently, Donofrio styles were seen locally at a fashion show at the Hoxton for Design Week. Now, why would a fashion designer have a show during design week, one might ask? Well, because Donofrio’s original illustrations and prints were featured in all her pieces. Here’s who was in the crowd, because at the Hoxton there’s always a stylish bunch on hand—but don’t worry, I also took a few snaps of some of the models wearing Donofrio’s amazing designs. She’s a true talent and Portland is lucky to have her. xo, PP