I’m pretty sure I’ve provided the history of Go Skateboarding Day at least one of the many times I’ve covered it… but let’s do it again! It’s a day where anyone who owns a skateboard is encouraged to get out there and ride! For the past few years, Portland has had a pretty great thing going on for the day, from events at creative agencies such as Wieden+Kennedy and Kamp Grizzly, to board shop CCS throwing together happenings under bridges and at middle schools. (Da Vinci Middle School is the home of #flatgroundfridays, a makeshift fun time put together by local skaters.) This year it was all about the biggest wallride, and the winner was a guy with the Instagram handle @fuckitdudeletsgobowling, who took home a prize of 200 bones (or clams, or whatever you call them). While there were no ladies competing in the wallie event, I was still happy to see a lot more females riding around on boards and busting out flip tricks. One of my favorites showed up late—a woman that goes by @christinameans on IG—and she’s definitely one to watch. And who knows? Next year she might even provide some interesting competition. xoxo, PP