Okay so, in my attempt to get out more and explore, I went back to the EXACT same place I was at when I promised myself I’d get out more! Let me explain why this is okay. It’s okay because the One Grand Gallery is, like, IT when it comes to art galleries in Portland, and they’re always bringing us cool and interesting openings and events. I stan the One.

This time the event was in partnership with Machus and Brain Dead. Machus is the lovely retail shop just down the road, which—if you read all of my work then duh, I don’t even need to mention this—I gave men’s fashion top pick of the year 2018!

And Brain Dead is a streetwear brand spearheaded by designer Kyle Ng, who also happened to be KILLING it as DJ that night. Seriously, Kyle my guy, do you do weddings, birthdays, and bar mitzvahs?! Because I’ll hire you for all those things, for real.

They were also selling one-offs and limited-edition product. I don’t know how limited it was, but I scored myself the sweetest “Forensic Files” strap-back in white for $25 and got to dance to all my favorite tunes. I’d say the night was a total success.