One of the reasons this “street style” page focuses on events rather than the street is because photos can be your eye into a scene you may know nothing about. That’s why I’m always happy when you guys offer suggestions about where I should be showing up to take pics. I hope to look back at these photos in 30 years and smile in the same way as when I look at what my parents wore on their honeymoon. Style is a time and place that gets stamped. And hopefully, by the time my time is up, Portland’s Pretty will have stamped every scene in the city.

This week’s scene report comes from Lose Yr Mind—a great festival in its sixth year, which is always getting better. The bands included local heroes Lavender Flu, Oakland’s finest Shannon Shaw (of Shannon and the Clams), Surfbort—whose lead singer is Gucci’s newest star ;)—and the ever-popular Guantanamo Baywatch. (Portland misses you guys!) Continue killing it, Lose Yr Mind! Portland’s music scene wouldn’t be the same without you!—xo, PP