Sloane Leong

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Introducing the latest in our extremely popular line of Mercury T-shirts, the "RESIST!" Tiger Tee!


This vibrant '90s inspired illustration was created by the super talented Sloane Leong, a mixed indigenous cartoonist, artist, and writer who's currently working on the second arc of her sci-fi adventure comic Prism Stalker. Plus her gorgeous new book, A Map to the Sun, has just been released, so CHECK IT OUT!

The Mercury "RESIST!" Tiger Tee is available in four colors (black, white, yellow, and teal), unisex and women's fit, and a wide range of you're sure to find one that will look FANTASTIC on you!

As you may know, the COVID-19 crisis has taken away the majority of our advertising (from music venues, restaurants, bars, theaters, and more). So if you love the Mercury's brand of smart, progressive journalism, complete entertainment listings, and comedy, and you want to see us survive, you have some choices: You can make a small monthly contribution here, you can advertise here, you can sign up for our free newsletters here, or you can buy this SAH-WEET new Mercury T-shirt here! (Or hell... do all four!)

Special thanks goes out to the fine folks at Pacific North Press—the makers of superb T-shirts, stickers, and more—who are helping lots of Portland's small businesses survive this crisis with fund-raising T-shirt campaigns. Check out their very generous efforts here!

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