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MAYOR TED WHEELER doesn’t have time to peruse your voice messages, and that complicates things.

During the Charlie Hales administration, the Mercury reveled/wallowed each year in the fact that Hales paid someone to transcribe the many, many messages citizens left on the mayor’s comment line. We’d spend hours picking through those transcriptions so we could share the very best with you.

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This isn’t possible with Wheeler.

Since he took over, Wheeler’s office says the mayor gets a summary of comments left on the office answering machine—not a full readout. It presented a challenge until we remembered: Twitter!

This year, we’re going where we’ve never gone before—into the Bog of Eternal Stench that is @TedWheeler’s mentions. It’s not so different. As voicemails did for Hales, tweets at Wheeler offer a useful map of notable events of the year that was. They’re also overwhelmingly negative and often unhinged (he gets called a “cuck” a lot), but don’t even have the benefit of proper punctuation that made the voicemails sort of charming.

Anyway, here’s our New Year’s gift to you, Portland: 2017’s “best” tweets to Mayor Ted Wheeler.

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@zeusashtonx Jan 1
@tedwheeler So glad to have you as mayor.

@_n1061 Jan 3
@tedwheeler I have been a frequent critic of city government but am hopeful for your tenure. You seem like a person of integrity. Good luck!

@wchoops Jan 3
@tedwheeler I hope you take a strong stance, never, ever should a homeless person die of hypothermia in Portland. Oregon

@samgibbs Jan 6
good job, Ted. Uber driver Sam here, how you been?

@RukaiyahAdams Jan 11
Hey Mayor Wheeler, Mother Nature threw you an inauguration party! Thanks for stepping into leadership to keep Portlanders safe.

@Stevans117 Jan 11
@tedwheeler my roommate has work tomorrow, can you please declare that he can no longer go? Thanks

@CEF98 Jan 11
@tedwheeler You've done more than the last guy without any effort. Much respect.

@grodycorns Jan 12
@tedwheeler the real state of emergency is Bono's terrible cover of I am the walrus in across the universe

@cfpdx Jan 12
@tedwheeler Roads are definitely turning to ice the minute the sun hits them.

@bkerensa Jan 12
@tedwheeler again showed he is different than Hales and met with homeless advocates to hear their concerns #pdx

@andyeatsworms Jan 12
@tedwheeler My proposal sir: can we buy a dozen or so plows to attach to garbage trucks, so we don't have to rely on rain anymore? #pdxsnow

@bipolar4good Jan 12
@tedwheeler Yay Ted! Way to be visible during the storm. I'm sure there will be protests in the coming weeks. Please be proactive!

@Toxic97209 Jan 14
@tedwheeler 3 or 4 days after the snow downtown streets and sidewalks still white. What does the front of Mayor Wheelers house look like

@lonevet2008 Jan 14
@tedwheeler you are going good!

@FosterNostrand Jan 15
@tedwheeler Why are PDX streets ice & Clackamas streets dry and clear? It's possible to clear streets 5 days after snow, they're doing it!

@njkjfamily Jan 16
@tedwheeler Why haven't the main arteries in Ptld bee cleared yet?!!

@pdxpratt Jan 16
@tedwheeler Gotta love the citizens who expect clear streets when it's been above freezing only a few hours since historic snow.

@mnschmidt Jan 16
@tedwheeler - you can't take care of the streets - what's your earthquake plan?

@mj_wolfe Jan 18
@tedwheeler stop wasting government resources on cops & weapons while people are freezing to death on streets. where are your priorities.

***Wheeler prepares for Inauguration Day protests.***

@Scoop_Anderson Jan 19
@tedwheeler So protesters that are creating a disturbance on trimet will be removed?

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@snOwJaypimpson Jan 19
@tedwheeler you're no better than Hales or Trump if you allow those cops to harm people for exercising their rights tomorrow.

@sft1008 Jan 19
@tedwheeler @trimet No service downtown tomorrow? How are people going to get to & from work? I bet city workers who can make it get paid

@gilguzman11 Jan 20
@tedwheeler Hi Ted. We need you to step in and stop the burning of our American flag at the square. Please!

@Middlemontana Jan 20
@tedwheeler ok thanks for suppressing a protest.. your just like the rest of them. thanks for being just as bad as the rest. I was hopeful..

@bulzeye11 Jan 20
@tedwheeler have to eat my words. @PortlandPolice did a fantastic job tonight.

@ilimaconsidine Jan 21
@tedwheeler I don't know if your mother was a woman but if she was, please march with us today,

@ozone2016 Jan 23
@tedwheeler has until Tuesday night to fire @ChiefMarshman or nothing moves on wednesday. I didn't start this shit.

@stiff_piques Jan 25
@tedwheeler @CNBC Keep it up, Ted. We're looking to mayors everywhere to stand up for the powerless against @realDonaldTrump and his bigotry

@QuinnyDelRey Jan 25
@tedwheeler u suck 2

@real_Politicos Jan 25
@tedwheeler Rather than create a sanctuary city, consider solving the homeless issue and clean up all their trash - Your city is a dump!!!

@CrutcherMcfad Jan 29
@tedwheeler Thank you Mayor Wheeler for taking a stand today at PDX. We appreciate your voice against Muslim ban! We can't support racism!

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@hugeloser45 Feb 1
@tedwheeler why have a twitter account if you don't respond to constituents? #worthless

@LonnieStJohn Feb 2
@tedwheeler As someone who drives for a living in PDX, pedestrians need to be held accountable as well. Blindly walking into streets daily.

@ozone2016 Feb 7
@tedwheeler why is there a sweep going on right now? we almost had a blizzard yesterday. NO DISPLACEMENT w/o REPLACEMENT

@nativeportland Feb 9
@tedwheeler two lines are closed on 26, the whole city is thrown into chaos. Do you find this acceptable? People have cars cars are not evil

@consumedetails Feb 10
@tedwheeler we are waiting to hear the details about why this kid is dead

@errnbrrwrr Feb 12
@tedwheeler Fire Officer Andrew Hearst, who murdered 17 year old #QuaniceHayes. Why was Hearst still employed after his first murder???

@realestEthan Feb 12
Hi @tedwheeler did you wanna tweet any condolences to the family of #quanicehayes? Or mourn a death at animal prison @OregonZoo instead?

@Mactacular_ Feb 12
@tedwheeler @Oregonian When will officers start wearing body cams? That should have happened long ago.

***Referring to former Gov. Vic Atiyeh***

@LindaShimfessel Feb 13

@karlanderson Feb 18
@tedwheeler How could you abandon Right 2 Dream Too? Your priorities are evident on every street in town and they do not make you look good.

@gametruckpdx Feb 19
@tedwheeler is the goal to turn pdx roads into minefields of pot holes? If so great job!

@joeARTritch Feb 19
@tedwheeler Your predecessor left @lastthursday is shambles it seems. What are you going to do in order to show support to Portland Artists?

@mdfor911 Feb 19
@tedwheeler Outstanding job in the first 1.5 month! I support u more than ever, after watching your interview on KGW ST. Hold the line Ted!!

@andrewsorg Feb 20
@tedwheeler and @PortlandPolice need to re-read the Bill of Rights right now. Forget a permit. Our right to assemble cannot be curtailed.

@KembleCloud Feb 20
@tedwheeler When are you going to do something about Portland's abusive police? #resist Pepper spraying 6 yr olds & slamming Grandma's?

@micron_hero Feb 20
@tedwheeler is the swamp.

@NathanielSCoop1 Feb 20
@tedwheeler Congrats on Portland Oregon making national news in regards to our police brutality. Here's looking at you kid!

@Oregontider Feb 21
@tedwheeler Thanks you for enforcing laws, protecting businesses, keeping roads open downtown

@oregonmccarthy Feb 22
@tedwheeler the garbage and tents next to convention center make it impossible to walk on sidewalks safely.

@bthunders Feb 23
@tedwheeler where is your reusable mug. I've seen you in 2 photos in 2 days using disposable cups. Buy a thermos please.

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@dashnjo7223 March 1
@tedwheeler please don't resign! You've done good work & are too new to be blamed for that. Got your back!

@sycokatt March 2
@tedwheeler PLEASE don't turn into a pussy by backing off on letting police do their job.

@Susanlanda March 3
@tedwheeler Thank you for looking into #divesting from #WellsFargoBank Fargo. Please follow through! I am a constituent.

@sheapforwheet March 3
@tedwheeler re: NYT Uber story please be the guy I voted for and don't show your belly here.

@nbrhoodwrkshop March 4
@tedwheeler - what are you going to do about this endless winter? Do you even believe in sun and warmth?? #endlesswinter

@BrettWHarper March 6
@tedwheeler Kate Brown says she won't allow Trump to mess with Oregon's legal weed. Can we count on you to stand up against Trump?

@nat_lerner March 8
@tedwheeler announces he will be holding weekly "open mic" on Fridays at 11, in which public can address him/ask him qs! About time

@ChrisCrismon March 8
@tedwheeler When do you plan on doing your job and FIXING THE POTHOLES? DO WE LIVE IN A WARZONE? WHY ARE YOU POLITICIANS SO INEPT?

@darksidegpb March 9
@tedwheeler Put a tiny house camp in a wealthy neighborhood. Starting with yours.

@VectorSprint March 10
@tedwheeler I like how Portland photo radars are put at abrupt changes in speed limits! Hope your pile of cash is comfy to sleep on!

@pdxincognita March 16
@tedwheeler why can't Quanice Hayes' family see his body? Over a month, what is Marshman hiding? #ImScaredOfYouTed

@mikesprague824 March 17
@tedwheeler Why is the city making me remove my RV from my driveway after 15 years but can't seem to remove the junk RV's from the streets?

@DexterSaysMeow March 18
@tedwheeler Thank you for your stand on climate change! Let's hope more states take your position and stop the madness in DC.

@CadiG2 March 21
@tedwheeler sanctuary for illegals...unbelievably stupid!

***In late March, protesters began showing up at Wheeler's home for the first time.***

@tedwheeler March 23
Sad to come home the second night in a row with protesters in my front yard flipping me, my wife, and child off. Now shouting threats.

@markdfriesen March 23
This is not right. @tedwheeler, I wish your family well.

@juliejackson March 23
@tedwheeler what they are doing to you and your family is intolerable! Sending you positive energy.

@b7283sosu March 23
@tedwheeler now you know why Charlie is sailing the open seas. Thankless job

@bojack54 March 23
@tedwheeler No-win situation. The sooner you try some tough love, the better. Some people need a reality check.

@k9unit3 March 24
@tedwheeler Ted.... I think water cannons and German Shepherd Dogs would solve your problem...

***On March 27, Wheeler tweets "seriously." with a picture that appeared to be his slashed tire.

@LilDaniHansen March 28
@tedwheeler somebody isn't very popular

@Kram March 28
@tedwheeler Potholes are tough. Tougher on a bicycle.

@ozone2016 March 28
@tedwheeler better be at Quanice Hayes funeral tomorrow or I will never forgive him. WEAR A SUIT TOO No yellow windbreakers

@MikeBlueHair March 31
@tedwheeler OK I confess! I piked a hole in the tire with my mighty anarchist dick!

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@DJTommyCavs Apr 4
@tedwheeler send me and my girlfriend on a trip to Portland! Please

@Real_matthorton Apr 5
@tedwheeler I'm stranded on the side of the road due to a reckless driver but @PortlandPolice is giving me the busy signal. #unacceptable.

***On April 5, a city council attendee rushed the dais to hand Wheeler a Pepsi, an impersonation of that infamous Kendall Jenner commercial.***

@Organize4Power Apr 5
@tedwheeler can send the cops to dish it out, but can't take being given a Pepsi

@Recall_Wheeler Apr 5
@tedwheeler Do you plan to ban soda at future city council sessions because you are incapable of graciously responding to a truce offering?

@abstract_monk Apr 6
@tedwheeler what the hell is going on with traffic on east burnside @tedwheeler, taking me more than an hour to get from se12th to the bridge!

@lancemillerpdx Apr 6
@tedwheeler Thanks for all your hard work Ted. You've got a long row to hoe. Keep your head up

@taranehfultz Apr 11
@tedwheeler Any way to increase funding for sidewalks on the east side? Walking home from the bus is an adventure.

@BellCowBack Apr 11
@tedwheeler -why are we letting people live 2 feet off the fog line on Portland city streets? They've been there for weeks. N. Vancouver Way

@smxpdx Apr 19
@tedwheeler saw a homeless person attack a pedestrian going to work in the pearl- went to help. HL person was mad he could not get on train

@BryanPhilips3 Apr 19
@tedwheeler @dansaltzman Ted, Your city burns while you fiddle !!

@jay_hoos Apr 19
@tedwheeler @dansaltzman is it just me or does Ted look exactly like Louden Swain from Vision Quest?

@LRLeake Apr 21
@TedWheeler Rainy PDX needs a new City Ordinance that all employers are req'd to let workers out at 12 on the first sunny 70° day of the yr!

@SportsOpinion Apr 25
@tedwheeler Thanks Ted for allowing the 82nd ave parade and festival to be shut down, we should just all hide inside right?

@orangebeach2016 Apr 26
@tedwheeler You and the @PortlandPolice don't govern Portland..ANTIFA thugs do...just resign!

@Ooga_Chaka Apr 26
@tedwheeler 'Better Naito' my ass. Year after year of this nightmare. The solution here is a damn sidewalk, not shutting down a lane

@VictoriaRodgers Apr 27
@tedwheeler Vera Katz would be tweeting me back. Just saying.

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“You are not Satan, make sure they remember that”-@spiccoliculkin, May 3


@tiggertim12 May 1
@tedwheeler get a water cannon and start spraying these fucking protesters down.

@lucia_fasano May 1
@tedwheeler Portland police turns into a war zone whenever there's a peaceful protest and your @PortlandPolice is terrifying. Kids are here.

@micron_hero May 1
@tedwheeler is a prime example of how even twee liberals who purport riding their bicycle to work can be the most brutal of fascists.

@Citizen_Cate May 2
@tedwheeler Instead of tear gas @PortlandPolice should launch puppies into a rowdy crowd. Rioters will get distracted and behave better.

@spiccoliculkin May 3
@tedwheeler You are not Satan, make sure they remember that

@Yeoh62 May 4
@tedwheeler Seriously? We don't have a Naked Gardening Day?? Please push this to the front of your agenda.

***On May 26, a known bigot who'd attended a past right-wing rally stabs three men on a MAX train, killing two. Wheeler announces he will seek to shut down a June 4 rally planned by the group Patriot Prayer.***

@citizen_of97217 May 26
@tedwheeler I am calling on you to organize a vigil for the heroes who died standing up to intolerance tonight.

@sporksticks May 27
@tedwheeler The killer was part of the violent alt-right 'free-speech rally' milieu. They will be rallying again June 4th. Show some resolve. Cancel it.

@cderring May 29
@tedwheeler Mr Mayor, while I disagree with most of what the "Alt Right" has to say, you cannot have their permits pulled. #FreeSpeach, #FreeAssembly

@SCheseborough May 29
@tedwheeler Thank you, Mayor.

@Patrici33360894 May 29

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@Michaelshealy7 June 1
@tedwheeler Hey Bonehead, Climate Change is False, thats Proven!!! better get an education

@D07534188 June 4
@tedwheeler @trimet Don't fuck this up today Ted, the whole world is watching

@_hampire_ June 4
@tedwheeler @OregonGovBrown your militarized police force spent the day protecting white supremacists. Your legacy.

@jbeyer16 June 13
@tedwheeler Please take a more vocal stance against highway expansion and single occupancy vehicle use if you're going to be real about climate change

@brissle JunE 20
@tedwheeler what's the deal with me having to pay $50 everytime I apply for an apartment, so far I've spent $150 & still haven't found one

@jenhisted s 30
@tedwheeler fix our traffic problems!!! Enough of spending on bike lanes look at traffic!!

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@IvanSittingRock July 1
Hey @tedwheeler... can we commence with the bum sweeps? We're tired of the homeless and their constant bullshit. #ShipEmToTexas

@rick1rick1 July 1
@tedwheeler We are taking our annual vacation to Oregon. Safe to come to downtown Portland or Antifa running the show?

@CindyPDX July 2
@tedwheeler If my 1910 built home burns down because of Fireworks, I am going to go after you since the #PDX FIREWORKS line does not work!

@PdxVeteran July 5
@tedwheeler neighbors were letting a diaper-age toddler handle sparkler last night, I called 911, no response-i have video clip of it

@wendygallo July 9
@tedwheeler ask @RudyGiuliani how he cleaned up NYC. People peeing on streets, saw a guy holding a new baby asking for money. sad. Save PDX

@spach09 July 12
@tedwheeler Im just wondering why you are not interested in getting a MLB team or an NHL team? It would do wonders for the economy.

@brissle July 13
If someone talks to standing Portland Mayor @tedwheeler tell him to get up on his Twitter & let me know if I can crash on his couch in August

@MLB_2_PDX July 18
@tedwheeler Mayor Wheeler, let's talk about bringing baseball to our great city. Like field of dreams said, If we build it they will come.

@inafutureage July 18
@tedwheeler *Puts on journalism cap* Follow up, Mr. Mayor: "Ted" is short for "Tedward," correct?

@someonemany July 18
@tedwheeler I am going to sit just past the border and sell bikes without your new bicycle tax, eat that little one.

@solsticehome July 21
Dear @OregonGovBrown & @tedwheeler I invite you to Hayden Island today. Where the sun is shining the water glistening & the air is stinking.

@Matvalley1 July 23
@tedwheeler You build it, the homeless will come! City streets full of them. Portland a trash heap, so glad I don't live there! This "tourist" is gone!

@jennyk5354 July 27
@tedwheeler Well Ted, I hear YOU line your pockets w/ every Illegal alien you take in! $5K each, is this Correct?

@JustmeMrsE July 27
@tedwheeler I agree with turnstiles and bag checks being brought back to City Hall ... Just want to show my support.

@mistersowers July 27
@tedwheeler @PortlandPolice Mayonnaise personified? AS A VEGAN I OBJECT. But seriously, you suck at police reform and we're sick of the bodies piling up. G'NIGHT TED!

@TrentERobbins July 28
@tedwheeler is an SJW mayor. Forget about the safety of our citizens, we must just preach SJW values to get re elected. SJWs will turn on u.

@mleroywri July 28
@tedwheeler Where in the Constitution does it say "Housing is a human right?".

@Apocaliptic024 July 29
@tedwheeler Housing is not a right. Have you ever been homeless Ted? I guess not so stop telling people who've been there what they need.

@GHalv July 29
SHAME on the unconscionable @tedwheeler, mayor of Portland, for RELEASING violent illegal aliens. You are SICK.

@DukeBBall1 July 29
@tedwheeler Ahh, Portland. Another town I will not spend money in. They vote these liberal emotionally weak babies into office. Consequences happen.

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@zeusashtonx Aug 3
I will never vote for @tedwheeler nor will anybody I know. You have failed us. Enjoy your last three years. Sorry you hate PDX.

@iisabelmendez Aug 5
@tedwheeler Somebody should punch Wheeler in the face

@Frank81194215 Aug 5
@tedwheeler Just moved Oregon I'm a conservative it doesn't sound like you'll be getting my vote

@PetiteFleurTM Aug 6
@tedwheeler No. Not everyone....Antifa & Illegals, even rapists illegals get the best treatment in Portland! You are a joke to good American citizens!

@LauralPorter Aug 7
Portland Mayor @tedwheeler just named Danielle Outlaw as new Chief of The Portland Police Bureau. What a great name--Chief Outlaw.

@obrien9696 Aug 7
@tedwheeler Portland is no longer on my bucket list of 'places to visit'. Unfortunately I've crossed a lot of Sanctuary Cities off that list. Safety 1st

@nwfreelancephot Aug 7
@tedwheeler You're not trying to please anybody but black lies matter which is a racist and discriminating group

@jayjousa Aug 11
Liberal leadership is steering us towards destruction, folks like @tedwheeler are upset it's not turning into Detroit or Chicago fast enough

@JustmeMrsE Aug 14
@tedwheeler Hello! It was a pleasure to meet you today. Thank you for your openness. We're grateful for the time you took. Thanks again!

@GlaryRandy Aug 15
@tedwheeler No More Antefa Mr Mayor Thank You

@BasqueManPDX Aug 19
@tedwheeler Screw you ted. Antifa turds and the meth head homless can live with you. P.S so happy drug possession is a misdemeanor now. Idiots

@ericbergpdx Aug 21
ATTN: Portland traffic is nice w/ so many people out-of-town & off the streets. @tedwheeler & council have the flu. I'm now mayor.

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@scritchie32 Sept 4
@tedwheeler Resign you worthless excuse for a Mayor!

@chuckslothower Sept 7
"So, how are the Ducks looking this year?" - @tedwheeler during tech break in council meeting.

@latchitup Sept 8
@tedwheeler How bout no rallies? Have them on your own property? Tired of seeing these anti-fascist and ethnic supremacy groups.

@jayjousa Sept 8
Conservative group? I will tolerate no violence here Antifa? Just tear the fucking city down. Have fun. - @tedwheeler (Cuck)

@PuaLeal Sept 10
@tedwheeler Call off your dogs, Nazi Wheeler.

@patronusisotter Sept 10
@tedwheeler please retire, you're the worst.

@Whamo20 Sept 11
@tedwheeler If you allow the police to purge the gang database, you've lost your ever loving mind. You WILL be voted out. We need sanity.

@controtweet Sept 11
@tedwheeler What a good little liberal you are. Didn't mention the violence and terrorism perpetrated by antifa. The same antifa that terrorizes pdx.

@Toxic97209 Sept 13
@tedwheeler No more homeless shelters, we need market rate apts with studios and family sized, which developers said mo to, no tax breaks

@diet_pepis Sept 15
hey @tedwheeler why don't you get one of your guys to toss flash grenades at uber cars

@ivanyerkingoff Sept 18
@tedwheeler And I think Wheeler is a libturd POS mayor who can't deal with the homeless, much less a bunch of ILLEGALS. He should be in jail.

“Turd Wheeler”-@ladybagpipes, Sept 26

@k8bs Sept 19
@tedwheeler Thank you for your letter to AG Sessions. Your leadership on DACA and immigration issues is appreciated.

@jayjousa Sept 19
Cuck in chief @tedwheeler had to take off his ANTIFA mask, put down his bat, then sneak inside the building to make the meeting

@mlh247 Sept 19
@tedwheeler I am not visiting your city because it is not safe to do so. Thanks for not protecting the law abiding voting citizens of your city.

@blissco1 Sept 19
@tedwheeler Wheeler is a total chicken shit little Peter puffer.

@realORgovernor Sept 21
@tedwheeler Oh fuck off ted

@leeyanpdx Sept 21
We are having the most talented, diligent, compassionate Mayor in Portland. Lucky we are! Thank you @tedwheeler

@ladybagpipes Sept 26
.@tedwheeler Turd Wheeler

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@LindaLu4Trump Oct 2
@tedwheeler typical liberal pussy wants everything for free. do your own research.. try the tv, truth is all there about that idiot mayor

@Mr_Numbers7 Oct 2
@tedwheeler you better not be putting up any mystery towers in our city

@gaffney_kerry Oct 2
@tedwheeler IDC about your opinion. You'll say anything to give the impression that you GAF.

@glento Oct 4
@tedwheeler Any discussions on eliminating stupid people from driving?

@TheReal49418086 Oct 6
@tedwheeler Screw the homeless

@DarthBSnarkin Oct 9
Hey @tedwheeler , your city is literally a commode. Happy you could 'throw shade' but maybe focus on cleaning this shitstain city

@DdoodMacduff Oct 14

@__P__J Oct 16
I'm pretty proud of yelling at "Stop building freeways!" at @tedwheeler when he got up to speak at the #Thorns victory rally last night.

@IcarusCrusader Oct 24
@tedwheeler Everyones at risk when the homeless live on the streets near families. Crime has run rampant. My car was broken into last time. Help SpiderMan

Funny how you DON'T see any protesters about Hillary committing TREASON... #antifa @tedwheeler the Obama admin sold us out , omg they are going to nuke us with our own uranium. where's YOUR outcry here if it was trump you'd be on a feeding frenzy

@TrustGo65327663 Oct 28
@tedwheeler Hello Ted

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@rightwingdempdx Nov 3
@tedwheeler make a rule and force the antifa scumbags to unmask

@RudeTexasKitty Nov 7
@tedwheeler Worst mayor since hales.

@billrantz Nov 8
.@tedwheeler you need to do something about recycling bins. Tired of picking up neighborhood trash because the bins get blown over in the wind. Require gravity locks! Come on! This is crazy. I'll pick this up and deliver to you.

@nlawsonMBA Nov 10
@tedwheeler gotta do something about the train on Naito. 3rd time this week I've sat for 40
minutes as it stood still & not moving.

@drewbeav Nov 11
@tedwheeler Columbia's going to leave, who's next? Instead of trying to make things easier for these drug addicted losers makes things more difficult. One way tickets to Florida! Do something! I can't wait to vote you out!

“Worst mayor since hales”-@RudeTexasKitty, Nov 7

@Ryan_Jacob121 Nov 11
@tedwheeler May your days be short! Your a horrible Mayor... may your days be shortened even by one day

@CookBeto Nov 11
@tedwheeler Your cuck government/council is only enabling these trash people to keep committing crime. You can't even wear open toed shoes in downtown because of all the needles, heroin caps, syringes that are all over the floor.

@nbrhoodwrkshop Nov 16
"If ya ain't wreckin, ya ain't ridin" - get well soon Mayor @tedwheeler.

@Souljah2light Nov 17
I blame @tedwheeler this city has become third world #graffiti #urine smell and filthy just sad for the #rosecity turned third world. Oh wait but instead if tackling homeless issues. Let's make it far worst and make it a sanctuary city. Yeah ok. Bravo for business closing

@gnwayland Nov 18
As a tourist I would like to visit Portland but @tedwheeler I am afraid to bring my niece who only wants to visit Powell's bookstore - can you guarantee our safety in your city in May?

@vwman1 Nov 21
@tedwheeler @realDonaldTrump If uncle Teddy here spend as much time as to skirt the law as to try to enforce it as it is written this country would be better off if we drain the swamp you uncle Teddy you say one thing then change when you get into office Time to go uncle Teddy step down😱👍

@ScottFordTVGuy Nov 22
Mayor @tedwheeler #Portland, OR. Compassion is not working in the Rose City. The growing homeless emergency & businesses closing shop is very concerning. I lived there almost 10 years. Please, be more aggressive. Social services handouts are also part of the problem. Reevaluate.

@crackenbob Nov 27
I live outside of the progressive liberal rat infested cesspool of Portland. I've sold my business to Conagra Foods (who refuse to mfg. in this cesspool) and have shut it down and relocated the business out of state. Many more to follow @Oregonian @tedwheeler

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@dylwiththedevil Dec 2
@tedwheeler you are literally systematically criminalizing being Houseless. You're the kind of neo-lib that helps build a place for conservative nonsense like the tax bill. Don't front like you're for the people when you aid corporations and hate groups.

@r1z4t Dec 2
@pdxlawgrrrl @tedwheeler "houselessness is unfortunate, but y'all keep your ass away from my donors. go sit next to the dumpsters at wendy's or something" -ted, probably

@strongvoice Dec 2
@tedwheeler Mayor, what are you doing about this? As you must know, the Homeless and their friends are blocking the doors at Columbia Sportswear so they can't conduct business. #thenewpdx

@DerekSmith1970 Dec 2
@tedwheeler are you sending officers to arrest all the law breaking activist sitting on a no sit sidewalk??? You are so damn weak!!!!!

@GregoryMcKelvey Dec 2
Lol @tedwheeler got mad and unfollowed me. What an adult.

@ryancarson Dec 4
@tedwheeler Thank you for all your hard work on our City!

@SingMeToReason Dec 4
Within the last 2 weeks, the Kardashians have done more for the houselessness crisis in America than @tedwheeler can even try and accomplish in one city. Remind me again who is an ELECTED PUBLIC SERVANT???

@westcoast_craft Dec 14
Could the interns that manage the @tedwheeler twitter account please as him what the deal is with @OTBrewingCo? I'd love to know. Call me, Ted!

@AndrewBugman Dec 14
Hey, @tedwheeler - I think we should temporarily change our name to "Porgland, Oregon". I think maybe you're allowed to do it by Mayoral decree or something? It would just be for today, so we wouldn't have to make new airport signs or whatever.

@rb4775 Dec 14

@RaeRae32623146 Dec 17
@tedwheeler blah blah blah, wish bums lived in YOUR neighborhood and not mine

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