"The Vegetarian Denny's" aka Old Wives Tales
Alameda Cafe?

Definitely Old Wives Tales, it's the place to go when you can no longer handle sex or gluten.
Joe's Cellar.

It's dimly lit enough to where you might not notice how big of a mistake you/they made last night.
@Distro Viking

Yeah, I second that one. Joe's Cellar is less frumpy than straight up haggard.
The cafe at the Costco near the airport. Does that count? Cuz it's frump in bulk.
How about Poor Richards? or the Cameo Cafe?

Too bad the Pagoda's closed. It was a nice punching bag.

I've heard vastly differing opinions on The Original Taco House, but I've never had the (dis)pleasure of eating there.
By definition, these are mostly places we don't know about/don't go to.

Where would your 60-year-old aunt from one of the Plains states feel comfortable for weekly brunch? I'm thinking E 82nd at the closest.
@PAC, DV: It amazes me how often I end up at Joes.
Original Taco House is shit. I enthusiastically nominate them.
Now don't you be talking bad about Poor Richards! Home of the Two-fer!
@ Blabby, that's why I threw out Alameda.
Old Wives Tale is a great answer. I was going to suggest the Red Robin in Beaverton. THAT's a two-fer.
How can anything compete with Poor Richard's? Read the following quote from their website (

'At Poor Richard's, we don't really go for newfangled dishes like spicy thai tacos or purple pasta. Our idea of something new is the Two-Fer deal. At least it was new back in 1972 when we first offered it. Like Ben Franklin once said, "If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting."'
Tom's on SE 39th and Division:…

I've been going there for breakfast since as far back as I can remember -- my stereotypically food-obsessed immigrant Italian grandparents lived and died a few blocks away -- and while it's like the epitome of perfect diner-style comfort food, it is also populated with people who fell out of 1987 and got too depressed to find their way back to real time.
I went to the Tosis, once. I felt downright young and chic by comparison. And as a bonus the name sounds like the breath all the bad coffee and cheap cigarettes creates for both staff and patrons.
Overlook Diner. I've never been but driven/biked by a million times. Nothing but big guts and blue hairs.
I haven't been in the Space Room bar in years, but the restaurant part next door always had the look of a junior high cafeteria when I walked by the door. Sewickly's Home Plate across the street also looks pretty shabby, but at least it has natural light. And Country Bill's on Woodstock only gets spared because of the patches of red vinyl awesomeness that occasionally infiltrate its decor.
The London Grill in the Benson hotel is one of the oldest rooms in the city. The menu looks like it has not changed since 1972.
Golden Touch, just from the name alone.
@ Two squatting women
Your pre judgement is WAY off. The Overlook is the only place in the Mississipi area that has a very mixed crowd, easy going, serves breakfast all day, has a bar in the back and the staff are not assholes.
@ Vert: Yeah, but the London Grill it's really more "high society, rich old people who are terrified of change and have the cash to ensure their own personal time bubble" style than "archaic, how do you people still dress this way?" style.

Really? Good to know, thanks. I'll have to check it out. I guess what I've seen has not been representative. Pre judgments dismissed!
Well, there's Shari's but old doesn't necessarily mean ugly. What about the Tik Tok or Saylor's? I'm thinking the area around 82nd Avenue is a goldmine for ugly hook ups/break ups.
My first thought was Poor Richard's, but I'll also give a nod to Country Bill's on Woodstock. After 9/11 they put a message on their bulletin board that said "WE HAVE A STEAK IN OUR COUNTRY".

Saylor's is great-- those menus!---- we had a family feast there when Dad died.
My grandpa's backyard barbecue bonansa.If you ain't been there your lucky.He cooked up a bunch of mashed potatoe burrito's and actually sold them all around Morrison street.That was a hell of a frumpy looking burrito for sure.Sorry,love you gumps.
Don't knock the G-Touch! Best hashbrowns in town, and a damn fine Denver omelette. Just don't drink the coffee.
Its where all the previous commentators dine. Those who are willing ridicule others for no other purpose than a cheap collective laugh, are indeed very ugly. The Mercury is slipping.
Saylor's Old Country Kitchen.

72 oz steaks and "vegetable plate?" If you weren't frumpy when you walk in, you will be by the time you waddle out. Love that place.
Ugliest people in Portland? Has to be the Bye and Bye on NE Alberta....the reek of BO, American Spirits and unwashed dreads is overpowering.

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